Test Anxiety – How Hypnosis Helps Kids!


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Anna’s daughter Zoey had anxiety over testing. After her session with Cynthia Chauvin Miles CHT at National Hypnosis, her grades improved.

Listen to Anna’s testimonial:

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Jon Miles CHT: Hi, we’re on the phone with Anna. She is the mother of five children and Anna brought her daughter Zoey to Cynthia. So, tell us about Zoey’s hypnosis session?

Anna: Zoey went in by herself with Cynthia and I guess she told Cynthia what issues she wanted to work on. So, Cynthia worked on her for a while. She told me that primarily she wanted to concentrate on her testing at school, that she gets anxious or something like that. She had taken an online English test and she actually scored a ninety-five, so I asked her how Cynthia’s hypnosis session helped with that. She said that prior to that she usually scored an eighty-five and that this time she actually scored a ninety-five, and I guess she didn’t have any of the anxiety that she usually does when she takes a test at school.

Jon Miles CHT: Tell me a little bit more about how Zoey may have reacted to the hypnosis. Have you noticed any other changes in her as an individual?

The biggest change I’ve seen in Zoey that she’s calmed down. She seems more centered and grounded right now.Anna
Anna: Probably the biggest change I’ve noticed in Zoey is she was always a pretty easy-going child, but I think with the event of puberty setting in and all those hormones she flies off the handle and has those horrid tantrums with the crying spells. She hasn’t really done that in the last week that was probably the biggest change I’ve seen in Zoey that she’s calmed down. She seems more centered and grounded right now.

Jon Miles CHT: I also know that you did some hypnosis with Cynthia. Tell me how did that work for you?

Anna: My particular issue I worked on were issues of self-confidence and self-worth primarily centering around money-making skills or trying to get back to the job market. So, we worked on a lot of visualization with regards to what the future may hold and trying to instill some sort of belief that I’ll be able to make it alright and do quite well.

Jon Miles CHT: After having gone through this experience with Cynthia tell me something specific that you think you could tell another person about the process?

Anna: Probably the one I would have to relay mostly would be with regards to Zoey because that’s coming from my viewpoint as a mom just observing her and the changes that I saw in her and the fact that she’s calmed down considerably. I can see the actual changes in Zoey in the span of a week with regards to her personality and the way she’s acting at home when she gets upset, and certainly with regards to school because she was diagnosed with having had ADD.

Jon Miles CHT: So, do you think that this is going to help with her ADD?

Anna: Yeah, yeah, I’ve already seen – I mean she said that she really didn’t have any stress or anxiety about taking the online test, whereas before she’s had problems on and off with her grades not from the fact that she can’t do it or the fact that she’s not capable I guess it was maybe the anxiety or the stress that it creates in her.

Jon Miles CHT: So, one of the things you mentioned was Zoey did an appointment with Cynthia and it was a private session and you didn’t know exactly what was going on as a mom, but obviously you were invited to stay in the session if you wanted to.

Anna: Obviously if Zoey or myself wanted to exercise the option of having me be present during the session that would have been the case. But Zoey was more than comfortable going into the office alone with Cynthia and I think she preferred privacy in regards to her own issues and I respected that. As for Cynthia, I have implicit faith in her, so I had no worries leaving Zoey alone with her for whatever span of time they were in there for.

As for Cynthia, I have implicit faith in her.Anna

Jon Miles CHT: So, you felt comfortable with the option of going in in any case?

Anna: Yeah, yeah.

Jon Miles CHT: Well excellent! Anna is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Anna: I would like to say that Zoey, who is age twelve going on thirteen, has expressed a desire to go back and see Cynthia again so she’s quite enthusiastic about having met with Cynthia.Then I have my eight-year-old child Macy who really wants to go in and see Cynthia, so I will probably attempt to bring all five children in. I seriously would encourage other people to do it as well with regards to their own children. I have children of all varying ages Mikey is six years old and he has a speech impediment, so I definitely would see the benefit in having people bring their children in, as well as the adults themselves.

Jon Miles CHT: We have been speaking with Anna Chen, mother of five. Anna, thank you very much for joining us!

Anna: Thank you Jon, and thanks, Cynthia too!

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