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Is It Your Fate To Be Overweight?

In HYPNOSIS by Jon Miles CHT

Remember Jazzercise? Many of us have tried it or something like it to lose weight. Some succeeded. But most of us hung up our gym bag and put away our diet books and went back to overworking, overeating and whatever habits we had before.   With literally billions of dollars on the line, the diet industry tells us we need to go on this diet, eat this food, but not that food. The exercise industry sells us gadgets, programs, and memberships telling us we need to start Zumba or Pilates or indoor cycling set to throbbing music. This has been going on for decades. As consumers, we’re not getting the whole picture on how to actually achieve our weight loss goals. We have the exercise industry in one ear, and the diet industry in the other trumpeting their messages. But there is something missing. Exercise Does Not Lead to Significant …