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What is Negative Self Talk?


The Inner Critic. That little voice in your head.  All that negative stuff people and society hypnotized you to believe. “I can’t believe I…” “Why did I…?” “I should be….” Fill in the blank. Always something you’re not. This voice is harsh. It’s always critical. But frankly it’s just not true.  It fact it’s been installed in your head like bad shag carpet. It’s the product of negative thoughts emanating from some other time, ruining your now time. It drives you much more than you think and there has been a great deal written about it in popular online press, and even medical websites. Sometimes you can almost hear it out loud in your head. But there is hope. You can get it out. However all the well meaning to-do lists in the world don’t work because there is something very important you the reader need to know. YOU CAN NOT REMOVE SOMETHING BY LOGIC, THAT …