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Hypnosis and Teenage Depression

In NATIONAL HYPNOSIS by James Arvantes

When Rosemarie’s daughter, Emily, began suffering from acute bouts of depression and anxiety as a seventh-grade student in the fall of 2014, Rosemarie sought various forms of traditional and non-traditional therapies for her daughter. During a two-year period, Rosemarie took Emily to a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a counselor, a social worker, a chiropractor and even a Reiki Master. Emily’s condition improved to an extent under the care of these professionals but she could never pull herself out of a prolonged depression, and as the years passed, Emily began to believe that she would just have to live with major depression as a part of her life. As a last resort her mother Rosemarie, acting on the recommendation of a friend, turned for help to Cynthia Chauvin Miles CHT, a certified hypnotherapist and the co-owner of National Hypnosis in Northern Virginia. “I am a child of a medical professional, a social …