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Jane was stressed at work and it was impacting her performance. After listening to CD’s by Cynthia Chauvin Miles CHT at National Hypnosis, she was able to concentrate and perform the tasks necessary for her job.

Listen to Jayne’s testimonial:

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Jon Miles CHT: Hi, we’re here with Jayne Kelly. She is a scientist, and she has had an interesting experience with two of Cynthia’s hypnosis products: The Golden Bubble and Door of Transformation. Jayne, tell us what happened.

I’m going to lose my job tomorrow!Jayne Kelly
Jayne: Well, basically I relocated to another state to take a job and I was under a great deal of stress from the move and just graduating from a university, and I was starting to produce errors in the lab that I’m working at doing experimental research. To the point that where the director was questioning my ability to work and I got extremely frustrated. I didn’t know what was happening or where the stress was coming from and I was upset, and I said, “I’m gonna lose my job tomorrow!”. I moved a thousand miles for this job, I’m having trouble functioning, and I don’t know what it is because it’s work that I’ve done for the last four years. I called Cynthia and said, “to please help me”. This is where she said to me, “I’m gonna send you a CD – The Golden Bubble”. Now I have to honestly say I’ve never done hypnosis before and I didn’t expect results, but I was so frustrated I honestly said to myself, “I’m gonna indulge her, and if she tells me to listen to it I have nothing to lose because I’m expecting to lose my job the next day”. So, I did as she said, and I played it over and over again as I would drift off to sleep. If I woke up a couple hours later I would play it again and go to sleep. I got up in the morning and I accomplished a day’s work in three-quarters of the day.

Jon Miles CHT: Do you attribute this transformation to this hypnosis in one day? I mean how do you know it wasn’t just a good night’s rest? How was it different than from before?

Jayne: I had gotten plenty of rest but it was something in my mind, the recesses of my mind, something was convoluted. It wasn’t clear. I didn’t understand what it was, but I know that that [the hypnosis] was it. I listened to that for two days. After the first night, where I said I went back to work Thursday expecting to be dismissed, I just aced work so I’m sold.

Jon Miles CHT: You must have been pretty excited.

I was ecstatic.Jayne Kelly
Jayne: I was ecstatic. When I left that day, I was just so happy to know that. The fact didn’t change of who I was, but being able to change my perspective on how I viewed my situation that’s what saved me. That’s what the hypnosis did. A lot of it too was done at night! I turned it on and I didn’t lay awake waiting till the end of the tape. I fell asleep with this going, and when I woke up again I turned it on again and I went into a very deep sleep with these hypnosis tapes going on.

Jon Miles CHT: Now you work in biomedical sciences? Or some sort of medical sciences setting?

Jayne: I am working in a lab, an endocrinology research lab.

Jon Miles CHT: So, to say that you have a mind which looks at things from a scientific perspective or from a logical perspective that would be accurate?

Jayne: Yes. I am a scientist. I am an analytical scientist and I’m trained to troubleshoot problems that show up in a lab.

Jon Miles CHT: What would you tell a like-minded person about Cynthia’s hypnosis?

Jayne: Well sometimes scientists become close-minded to things that are esoteric, as I did. I was skeptical.I was very hesitant to do it. I apologize that I had to wait for a desperate situation to try this therapy. But it worked and Cynthia guaranteed me I would see something the next day, results the next day, and I did. So, I think that somebody has to have an open mind.

Jon Miles CHT: So, you indulged Cynthia? Maybe she was being sneaky after all.

Jayne: Hahaha. She has a very understated way about how she accomplishes assisting you.

Jon Miles CHT: So you used, just for the record, which CD did you listen to?

Jayne: I listened to The Golden Bubble initially, and then last night I went to the second CD The Transformation.

Jon Miles CHT: Door of Transformation?

Jayne: That’s right.

Jon Miles CHT: For the sake of the conversation so everybody listening understands, The Golden Bubble effectively is a path where you protect yourself with a “golden bubble” and then you interact with people from a more safe place you have made for yourselves. And the Door of Transformation is effectively about doing a review of your life and cataloging and bringing back energy from past experiences.

Jayne: That CD allowed me to understand the concept of dispersing my energies and being able to collect them back. I guess that’s it, I don’t know how else to say it. But I see a difference, it’s almost like it’s a different dimension. I guess that’s the easiest way I can put it. My perspective and my energy level is in a different dimension from listening to the Transformation tape. So, some kind of emotional level was corrected and set on a good path from The Golden Bubble and then another dimension of my emotion has been set on a different path with the Transformation. I can just say that this recommendation that she gave me, the two recommendations, have definitely changed my perspective.

Jon Miles CHT: Well thanks so much for taking the time. I think it’s interesting to hear from the perspective of a scientist and you sound great.

Jayne: Yes, thank you and it just started. You know one other thing I have to tell you too that Cynthia said. She comes up with the most profound things. I was a little stressed before it culminated to this and she said, “Quit trying to seize the day and follow it”. And you know we always hear “carpe diem”, you know to go take ahold of the day and make it yours. But when I was able to back off and allow a gentle approach to the existence of my day and just take that day at a time and follow it, it was good advice. It was just good advice and things just unfolded beautifully for me.

Jon Miles CHT: Jayne, thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us about this experience. I really do appreciate it.

Jayne: Your welcome, and its been a phenomenal experience. I would certainly encourage anybody to take an open mind and look at this therapy.

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