The Promise – My Time With a Woman of Her Time




In the fall of 1989 psychic Cynthia Chauvin received a phone call the would change her life. Across the telephone line, down from Monticello Mountain, Leonora Nichols, 92 year old was calling to find out when she would die.

The resulting answer would surprise both of them – never.

From that day on Cynthia visited with Leonora almost daily. They laughed, cried and shared both fears and faith.

Over their time, it became clear that they shared a similar view – one that Leonora had articulated 30 years before in her channeled journal.

“What does it mean to be the image and likeness of God? It is very simple to understand and the Truth within this phase is self-evident.

“God has created man a living soul, even as a mirror in which to reflect Himself.”

“Man’s responsibility is to keep the mirror clear and un-stained, that Gpd’s Image may shine forth in all it’s splendor and loveliness, unobstructed by the debris and dust that accumulates from false-self or world self.”

After three months together, Cynthia and Leonora created a circle and made a promise.

This book is that promise.