How We Work

Our work is framed simply.

What you think gives rise to how you feel which determines your behavior.

Your thoughts, feelings and behavior over your lifetime all determine your outcome.

Want to lose weight? You have to determine what generates the actions that you don't want while deeply accepting your body as it was made.

Want better relationships but keep on picking the same unhelpful partner? Same thing. 

Want to be more successful? Let's work together to figure out where you sabotage yourself and where you can maximize yourself.

Let's be clear. These are tweaks. Course corrections. Refinements. New ways of seeing and feeling and doing. You are not broken, just a human in need of some assistance now and again.

Important point - we don't do "talk" therapy. We talk yes. We listen to where you are sure. But then we work with you to intervene in the patterns that are no longer working for you using advanced and proven techniques.

You will not be sitting in our office talking for years on end. We do talk and we do listen thoroughly to get to the heart of the matter. Then, we do our work.

You have a life to live, and it's not going to be in our office. 

Our work can be best described as determining causes of behavior using proven techniques, defusing them, then re-arranging them harmoniously to help you achieve what you say you want. 

Some people have come to see us once. Some folks who have more significant on-going challenges addressing things from childhood and might come more often.

There is always a point though where we stop teaching you how to swim.

You are a complex person. Things may surface that you want to address and you can always come back. Being a parent is not the same experience as being a professional.

Losing a loved one can be a harsh reality, particularly if they weren't loving towards you.

Life experiences bring up different opportunities to learn and improve. It's in those moments we can help you.

We've had people touch base with us many times over the years to get help with a particular life challenge. We've worked with people for years. You are welcome back anytime.

However, our philosophy is we do our work, then send you on your way.

That's it.