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Much of what we have learned about relationships lies deep in our unconscious mind, out of reach. One of the quickest and most effective ways to surface the real issues that impact our romantic, career and family relationships is with hypnosis. 

At National Hypnosis we help our clients identify the internal emotional processes that lead to unwanted outcomes, clearing them away quickly and effectively.  Whether it’s romance, the family you were born into or moving forward in your career, National Hypnosis can help you clear away stumbling blocks and bring new happiness into your life. Click the button below to get your free consultation and see if hypnosis is right for you.

Where are You in the Four Stages of a Relationship?

Stages of Relationships – Maintaining
Anyone whose been in a relationship for any length of time knows that they require work from both parties. While we’re not responsible for the other person’s behavior the keys to the kingdom lie in seeing our own behavior objectively and with maturity. Whether it’s a relationship of our choosing, or relationships that we were born into, maintaining good relationships is critical to our personal happiness, physical health, and life outcome.

Stages of Relationships – Getting Out
Probably the most turmoil happens when we are getting out of a relationship.  Even if it’s not right for us, being alone can be frightening. However, the process is also where the most learning takes place and frankly where mistakes are made. Mistakes that at times are destined to be repeated. If you’re in this phase of a relationship, we can help you deal with loss, protect yourself emotionally and financially, and learn how to avoid re-creating a similar relationship the next time.

Stages of Relationships – Finding
Anyone who has gotten out of a bad relationship will tell you they don’t want to repeat themselves. Everyone wants a good relationship and identifying who that new person might be is part of the process. More importantly understanding who we are during the interim, and deciding what we want is just as if not more important. During this process, we help our clients clarify what they are looking for externally while ensuring that emotionally they are ready for the next one.

Stages of Relationships – Getting in
While exciting, and addicting to some, courtship and getting serious are about as hard as anything else. As the old saying goes – “In life, you get what you tolerate.” During this part of the process we help our clients remain calm, peaceful and joyful about a new beginning while helping our clients keep their boundaries, remain authentic and set a great foundation for the future.




Whether you're in a relationship, in between or actively getting in or out, National Hypnosis can help you ensure you're getting the most of your life! Call (703) 948-0619 today for your Free Confidential Phone Consultation, and to learn how we can best help you reach your goals.