Does Hypnosis Work for Going to the Dentist?


*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for medical care. All of your care should be supervised by your doctor.

I had a client who came to me for her fear of going to the dentist. Her fear was so bad she had to take a tranquilizer to even make the call for an appointment.  That is some serious fear.  Scheduled for a root canal, she was beside herself with anxiety until she had a session with me. Her success was amazing permanent and complete. You can listen to her experience here:

You Bet Your Sweet…

After hypnotizing many clients like Cris I know what I do for them works.   Alas I’m human, and I most recently got to experience first hand the true effectiveness of my work.

Just like many people I myself have in the past had anxiety when it came to going to the dentist, some of it warranted and a lot of it not.All of this came up in full force when I broke a tooth.  As luck would have it my regular dentist was out of town at the time and I had to go to a complete stranger. So on top of my normal trepidation of going to the dentist to having some drilling done, I had the fear of a new dentist.  The double whammy.  My tooth was broken, so I had to make my appointment.

As the appointed day and hour grew nearer so did my anxiety. I literally showed up at the dentist with sweaty palms. I knew that this was going to not be a successful adventure unless I could get myself into a better place. Knowing what I know, I sat in the dentist chair not knowing how this was going to work as I’m normally the person helping other people.  I began to do hypnosis on myself. The same hypnosis I have done many times and with many successes on many clients. By the time the dentist came into the room I was very calm and relaxed.

She took one look at the tooth and said the previously dreaded words, “It needs to be drilled out. How are you with a shot?” I looked at her and said, “A shot in the gums with me is like Botox to my face. Even my eyebrows go numb.” I explained to her that I had many unsuccessful events with anesthesia, various numbing agents and painkillers. She said, “Would you like me to try drilling without the shot?” With the understanding that it was not that deep, and she could stop anytime, I gave her the go-ahead to drill without novacaine. As I continued my self-hypnosis, I almost began to drift off even as she drilled away at my tooth. When she finished she commented how remarkably well I did.  I explained to her that I had put myself in a state of hypnosis. She paused and made a face. “Really?” she said.  I nodded yes. She was very impressed.I paid my bill and left fully believing that I was not going to do this again anytime soon. Not more than two weeks later I was biting on a piece of taffy, the kind you get from the New Orleans zoo, and “crack” goes another tooth. Back to the dentist again.

Surprised to see me in her chair again so soon, she looked at me and grinned said, “Put yourself in a state of hypnosis” and again drilled and repaired the tooth without a shot. This time she even asked me for my card.

So the answer to the question: Does hypnosis work for dentistry?

You bet your sweet tooth it does.