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A Teacher’s View: Hypnosis & Academic Performance

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Ruth, a teacher with 31 years of experience, believes that hypnosis can help kids improve their academic performance.    Jon Miles CHT: Hi, we’re on the phone with Ruth. In your experience, 31 years in the school system, could you see how the use of hypnotherapy would help kids? Ruth: Absolutely! I mean you would be amazed at how many kids, who are non-achievers, who with some hypnosis could move into a totally different academic realm from where they see themselves always trapped. Hypnotherapy can make that difference for the kid. I’m a wife. I’m a mother. I taught secondary school for 31 years. Kids are labeled very early in their academic careers, so don’t let that kid be labeled. If you have a child who has academic issues, if you have a child that has self-esteem issues work with a hypnotherapist – work with somebody like Cynthia. You can’t …