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The 10 Ways: Own Your Behavior

In NATIONAL HYPNOSIS, THE 10 WAYS by Cynthia Chauvin Miles CHT

The 10 Ways – A Guide to the 21st Century Relationship – Step One Over the years in my practice, I have worked with thousands of women. In those thousands of readings, the most commonly asked questions were about relationships. No matter how the session started, it always finished with questions about relationships. What follows over the coming issues is not a set of tips and insight but is a system to have a better relationship. Step One, Own Your Behavior If you have been through relationship after relationship where you find yourself repeating the same arguments, experiences, and drama, understand that the common denominator is you. And for you to have a different kind of relationship, what you need to change is you—more specifically, the part of you that is in charge of your current world and personal views. Many different parts of you influence your behavior on an …